Can A Reverse Hair Dryer Create An Instant Blowout? | Beauty or Bust

Unlike conventional blow-dryers, which blow air on the hair to dry it, RevAir’s Reverse-Air Dryer sucks hair in to dry in the natural direction of the cuticle. Hair dryers are known for causing heat damage as well as just being a pain to use. The $399 RevAir dryer claims to fix these common annoyances with hair dryers through its innovative sucking function, requiring less heat and time. Insider producer Nico Reyes put RevAir’s dryer to the test, using it to dry her curly hair and rating it on ease of use, speed, and effectiveness.

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RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer, $399
Total Package

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Can A Reverse Hair Dryer Create An Instant Blowout? | Beauty or Bust

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