Madewell’s New Collab With Buffy is Basically a Line of Wearable Blankets

As someone who has spent the bulk of the year in leggings and oversized vintage tees, I’m optimistic that loungewear will one day be considered real clothes. Who wants to wiggle into their stiff jeans when they can score all-day comfort in some sweats? If I’m being totally honest, I dread the future of when I have to put on presentable clothes and go outside again.

Fortunately, Madewell’s making those days a little easier. The retailer always anticipates our fashion needs well before we do and recently teamed up with Buffy to create a line of ultra comfortable (and chic!) essentials.

For Joyce Lee, Madewell’s head of design, the collaboration was a no-brainer.

“Over a year ago in one of our design meetings, my team and I came up with the fun idea of using a duvet as a coat,” she explains. “We’d been thinking about how being wrapped in a comforter is the best, coziest experience. I’ve always admired Buffy’s cloud-like bedding and their use of earth-friendly materials, and knew they’d be the perfect partner.”

This mini-collection is full of cozy essentials like an eye mask, mittens, muffler, and duvet-like jacket to transition from your bed to the real world. The collection taps out at $258, so you’re bound to find something that fits your budget. These pieces might have Madewell’s signature laidback style, but they’re also incredibly comfortable. Each piece has a slightly oversized fit to make you feel as if you’re surrounded by pillows. (The dream, right?) The collection uses a Primaloft insulation—made with recyclable contents, by the way—to keep you nice and toasty.

“Sustainability is a huge focus for both Madewell and Buffy, so we ensured that all of the pieces from the collection were made with sustainable materials,” Lee adds.

Admittedly, the bulk of Madewell and Buffy’s collaboration is meant for outdoor use, but I’m already thinking of ways I can incorporate these pieces into my WFH setup. For staters, the eye mask is a must-have for when I want to score some shuteye after a long day. If I want to stay warm, the puffer coat will elevate my daily walk outfits. And, I can totally picture myself throwing on the muffler for when I want to amp up my Zoom ensemble. Let’s be honest: In 2020, anything goes.

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