Pharrell, Person With Really Good Skin, Is Launching An All-Gender Skincare Line

For years, the Internet has pondered the beauty, radiance, and enduring youth of Pharrell Williams. Memes have been created as an ode to his flawless skin. Vampire conspiracy theories have floated around. He’s been asked about it countless times in interviews. And now, the secret is finally out.

Pharrell is launching Humanrace Skincare, a culmination of his “20 years of skincare experience and education.” Released under Williams’s global brand Humanrace, the all-gender line features three essential products dubbed “The Three-Minute Facial.”

The first step is a Rice Powder Cleanser ($32), made with micronized rice powder and fruit AHAs that foam when mixed with water. After cleansing, the Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator ($46) uses 8% glycolic acid to exfoliate and regenerate skin. Lastly, the Humidifying Cream ($48) mimics the hydrating effects of humidity with mushroom extract and squalene. Developed with Pharrell’s dermatologist of 20 years, Dr. Elena Jones, the products are clean, vegan, and fragrance-free for daily use.

humanrace skin


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Launching November 25, the line follows Pharrell’s wellness philosophy that self-care is the greatest luxury. “It’s created to take three minutes morning and night,” Williams said in a press release. “Your face is the result of the spirit behind it, it’s important to take care of your skin and to also take time for yourself each day.”

Inclusion is also an important brand theme, which goes beyond consumers and applies to the environment. “We wanted to choose ingredients that are clean, effective and friendly for all skin types,” Dr. Jones explains in the release. The line is sustainable, with refillable packaging that contains over “50% post-consumer recycled landfill plastic.

“Humanrace Skincare doesn’t differentiate by race or gender,” Williams adds. “We’re creating for humans; we are all born in the same skin and Humanrace celebrates this.”

Humanrace Skin will be available on November 25, exclusively at

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