4 Ways to Be a More Eco-Conscious Consumer

It’s common knowledge that consumer behavior and industrialization have a major impact on the environment; as consumers, we’re responsible for both the current and future condition of our planet. We may think that our small, individual actions won’t have an immediate or major impact on the environment, but we all need to start somewhere. First steps ignite the movement towards bettering our planet, and if everyone works together, results may come a lot faster.

Below are four ways we can achieve a smarter and more eco-conscious lifestyle through fashion—from the brands we buy to the way we wear clothes.

1. Know what you’re buying.

    The fashion industry is responsible for an exorbitant amount of the world’s carbon emissions and water waste, so it’s important to buy brands that employ a more sustainable supply chain—such as heritage Italian outerwear label Herno.

    Since 2016, Herno has made considerable investments in machinery, fabrics, and dying techniques to establish a more eco-friendly manufacturing of its goods. The brand’s new Globe collection embraces a bevy a green materials, such as Fast5Degradable, a nylon made from 6.6 Amni Soul Eco® polyamide yarn that’s created using a full degradation process that lasts only five years compared to the 50 years of common nylon.

    Many of the outerwear styles were made using recycled wool mélange and recycled nylon Onibegie, both materials recovered from waster produced by industrial factories. The recycled nylon also features the Saitos membrane, made from 50% polyurethane and 50% biological material from corn. The styles of Nylon Recycled Onibegie are colored with a dye made of 50% natural materials derived from the processing of onion peel, used as a base, matched with bamboo charcoal, indigo leaves and olives that create a variety of beautiful shades. Another fabric, Econyl® Nylon, is a special fiber made by from abandoned fishing nets and industrial waste fabrics such as carpets headed to landfills.

    2. Get on your feet.

      An active lifestyle can vastly improve your physical and mental health. While taking a car or train may be the more convenient option, if you can, consider taking local trips to your coffee shop or grocery store by foot—all you need is a comfortable pair of footwear and the right outerwear to keep you warm and dry. If you’re having a stressful day, take a break from your smartphone and appreciate your surroundings—even if it’s just a ten minute walk around the block.

      3. Stay warm (and fashionable).

        Does the heater really need to be blasting on high in your apartment all of the time? Sometimes, wearing an extra layer or a warm coat can help keep us comfortable without exhausting extra energy from our heating systems—so be sure to invest in outerwear that you can also wear inside. Herno’s Globe collection features plenty of silhouettes that are suitable for indoor-wearing—such as bomber jackets and capes—keeping you warm and stylish at the same time.

        4. Shop less, but better.

          Finally, when it comes to shopping habits, prioritizing premium garments that last a long time over cheap trends is really the most sensible option. Buying less—but better—should be something to really consider when investing in your wardrobe. That fast fashion purchase may not have put a dent in your wallet, but if it only last a few wears, how much are you really saving?

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