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This 30-Minute Stress-Relieving Video Combines Breathwork and Low-to-the-Ground Stretches

Stress can build up in your mind and in your body — and RYT 500 yoga teacher Koya Webb shared a half-hour session incorporating breathwork and yoga in order to help you alleviate that tension. At the top of the video, she walks you through what she calls “eye yoga,” a stress-relieving technique that she used to do growing up. This, she said, is especially useful if you’ve been staring at your phone and computer screen a lot lately.

As the video continues, Webb demonstrates a breathing sequence through the mouth that goes like this: inhale, inhale, exhale. You’ll also do seated stretches, and go up onto all fours about 14 minutes in. Yoga poses include Cat Cow, Child’s Pose, a series of lunges to really get into your hamstrings, and the hip-opening Pigeon.

Throughout, Webb challenges you to channel the emotions you’ve been bottling up. “I want you to think about what you want to let go of. What is something that has been on your mind, that’s been in your space, absorbing your energy?” she asks, welcoming you to get rid of it. While in Downward Dog she’ll have you repeat “I am enough,” telling you to release frustration with each breath. You’ll end with poses on your back (one is the ever-relaxing Savasana, of course).

If you want more from Webb, check out her half-hour restorative yoga and meditation session with Class FitSugar. It, like the video above, won’t disappoint.

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