Acrylic Nails Fullset For Beginners | Nails Step-by-Step | Acrylic Nails Tutorial

Items used:

?Nail drill and light:
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?#10 Oval Kolinsky:

?cuticle pusher: Cuticle Trimmer with Cuticle…

?nail clipper: Ultra Straight Cut Toenail Clipper



?Nail drill:
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?Drill bits
?180 Sanding bands: AKOAK 100 Pcs/Lot #180 Grit File Sand Piece Set Nail Art Professional Sanding Bands Brown Pieces Gel File Gel Polish Remover Manicure Pedicure Nail Machine Nail Tools

?Fine Drill Bit: Pana 3/32″ Safety Nail Carbide…

?Xcoarse Drill Bit: Pana Brand Professional GOLD XXC…

?100/100 nail files:

? Nail Tips:

?KDS Glue:

?Mia secret:
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?AB Glitter Acrylic:
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?straight edge nail clipper:

?Gel Polish: Madam Glam Gel polish:
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? Zulay nail adhesive:

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