Perfectly Sculptured Acrylic Stiletto Nails – Naio Nails Tutorial

Hey Guys

In this video, I am going to show you how to create an extreme length acrylic sculptured stiletto nail manicure

Sculpting long stiletto nails like this will require patience and precision, you can not rush this because the more you rush the application of the acrylic, the less perfect you will get it, this means more filing and this will add time to the whole service.

The preparation of this nail is important, longer nails have more chance of being knocked, which means lifting happens more. So by prepping the nail properly, you will find that less lifting will occur. we have a few videos all about prepping the nail, find the links below and brush up on this topic

Doing long acrylic nails is going to take longer than a normal manicure. but the client will also be paying much more, so again, don’t rush it! This is the best nail tutorial you will find on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

I hope you enjoy the video and feel free to leave a comment below.

Love Kirsty Meakin xxxx

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The products used in this video:
Natural Beige
Maximum Adhesion
Pinching Tool
Dappen Dish
100/180 Nail File
White Block
Lint Free Wipes
Push Pump
Mega Gloss Gel
Cuticle Oil

How to prepare the nail –

Facebook –

Website –

How to Sculpt Long Acrylic Stiletto Nails

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