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I Work Out 5 Times a Week — Here’s How I Relax on Rest Days

There’s no way around it: fitness is a part of my daily life. From HIIT classes to a morning 5K or cycling several miles before dinner, I enjoy pushing my body and mind to its full potential. But as much as I love my “on” days, I need my rest and recovery days — not just so my body can heal, but so I beat burnout as well.

And for my rest days, I have a few tried-and-true rituals that give me both a physical and mental regroup. I may not do everything on my rest-day checklist, but even picking one or two activities to focus on can make all the difference in my recovery process and give me the motivation to hit the ground running the next day.

Take a look at the six ways I truly unwind on my rest days, and peep the products I use to help get me to my ultimate chill state.

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