Harlem’s Fashion Row Designers Created the Coolest Kids Collection

Janie and Jack rolls out very cute wares for the small set seasonally. But its most recent collection has a more high fashion bent— a collaboration on a children’s collection with Harlem’s Fashion Row, founded in 2007 by Brandice Daniel as a platform for multi-cultural designers. And BAZAAR has a sneak peek at three of the looks—by Kimberly Goldson, Kristian Lorén, and Richfresh—before the collection hits retail October 3.

“I am consistently inspired by the work and mission of Harlem’s Fashion Row,” says Shelly Walsh, the SVP and general manager for Janie and Jack. “Now more than ever, the entire fashion industry must come together to push for equal representation, which is long overdue.

“At Janie and Jack, we are committed to taking an active role in that process. We’re proud to collaborate with three of Harlem’s Fashion Row’s talented designers…to share their unique takes on designer kids clothing,” Walsh continues.

The collaboration is about more than just injecting style into little ones’ wardrobes. Below, chats with the trio of HFR designers to see how they translate their unique aesthetics for mini cool kids and their thoughts on the collab overall.

What was your inspiration, and why did you want to do this collaboration?

My inspiration for this collaboration was my nieces, Avery Elisabeth, 10, and Harper Grace, 6. They have been designing a KGKids line for years now, and I promised them that we would eventually create it. They are extremely proud of me, so supportive, and my motivation on the challenging days, so when Janie and Jack asked, it was an unquestionable yes from me!

What were your thoughts on the final pieces, and how did you add them to the current lineup?

The final collection is beyond what I envisioned. Thanks to the Janie and Jack design team, led by new bestie, Cindy Huske, I was able to create a collection that is so authentic to the Kimberly Goldson brand, just in a miniature form. There are elements from KG such as our sweatshirt sleeve details, our love of head-to-toe prints (literally), and bold colors. I’m so excited for its debut!

What was your inspiration and why you wanted to do this collaboration?

My main inspiration behind doing the Janie and Jack collaboration was the idea of challenge. You know, I’ve never done any collaborations with any brands. I don’t really do a lot of kids wear, so it was a huge challenge.

First of all, can I be a team player? Can I work with other teams? Can I work within a certain set of rules and timelines? And secondly, can I apply my aesthetic across the board? On kids clothes as well, and make it still look and feel good. So, that’s why I really went for it. It’s going to be something different and another opportunity for me to show my abilities.

What were your thoughts on the final pieces, and how did you add them to the current lineup?

I thought the final pieces looked amazing. I actually had the chance to see the pieces when we were recording our runway show for New York Fashion Week, and I was blown away. I thought they looked so cool and tailored, and it was so Richfresh. I think that it ties into my current lineup. Just the overall aesthetic. You see the stripes, you see the tailoring. You see the outerwear, you just see attention to details, the layering aspect, the pop of color. I think all the things that the Richfresh brand has become known for. We just made a miniature version of it, and it fits seamlessly.

What was your inspiration and why you wanted to do this collaboration?

Dance and movement are the inspiration for this collaboration. Movement, progress, and evolution is a part of my brand esthetic. I believe we should always try to evolve as an individual.

I wanted to do this collaboration, because Janie and Jack’s core values align with my brand. They believe individual style begins at an early age, and my brand is about acknowledging and liberating your individuality and expressing that through style. Both of our brands believe in quality and making products that will last.

What were your thoughts on the final pieces, and how did you add them to the current lineup?

The final pieces look incredible! Each collection captures the vibe of the individual designer’s spirit and esthetic. The fact that there are mini versions of the Kristian Lorén silhouettes is dope!

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