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How This First-Generation College Athlete’s Track and Field Career Jumpstarted Her Life Off the Turf

After graduation, that same personal ethos has continued to be the guiding force in Georgette’s life, and she’s taken the lessons she learned while on the track into her new day-to-day. “I learned to appreciate the journey and not just stress about the destination — taking it easy won’t take you anywhere,” she said. “In track and field, all you need is you, yourself, and your mind. You experiment with different ways to test your body’s energy systems, strength limits, and ultimately, your mental fortitude.”

Georgette said she had to do some soul searching after graduating and leaving her professional athletic career behind. “Especially after becoming a National Champion during my track years, when I graduated, I had to ask myself, ‘Now what? What’s next?'” she said. “It’s no secret that athletes love competition. I had to figure out how to channel that same thought process into my career.”

Now, Georgette has found two different directions for the next phase of her career: as a strength trainer and an assistant track and field coach at her alma mater. “It’s an incredible opportunity to be an assistant coach at SCSU, since it was a program that poured so much into me as an athlete and as an individual,” she said. “I enjoy being a mentor to young women — watching them grow and unveil their true potential is an amazing experience. I always want them to leave the track and field program better individuals than when they came in; more poised, confident, and respectful.”

Georgette continues to redefine what it means to be an athlete post-college by incorporating everything she learned while on the team to her adult life. “Student athletes must balance their academics with their athletic commitments, not to mention a hectic travel schedule,” she said. “Through this, we learn self-discipline as well as excellent time management, all skills which I will continue to use in my adult career.”

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