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She’s a Trailblazing Pro Dancer, and This Is Her Workout Routine

This is Meet My Workout Routine, where we profile weekly workout routines — unvarnished and imperfect — from women across all walks of life. Check out our past profiles here.

Who: Sydney Mesher, a professional dancer and the first Radio City Rockette with a visible physical disability.

What: Her workout routine over one week in August 2020.

The details: As a professional dancer, “fitness is extremely important to me,” Sydney told POPSUGAR. “My body is my job. It is my main tool.” Dancing is a workout in and of itself, but she values this time when she’s solely focused on activating and strengthening her muscles. “I also need time for fitness to keep my strength up to correct for my limb difference,” Sydney said. “My right side is much more dominant, and it is imperative to dedicate time to engage and strengthen the left side of my body.” A good workout leaves her feeling invigorated. “This period of time is when I feel most grateful and alive.”

Keep reading for an up-close look at a week of Sydney’s workouts.

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