Reebok’s New Campaign Honors Real Wonder Women in the Healthcare Industry

In the summer of 2017, decades after Wonder Woman’s introduction to the comic universe, director Patty Jenkins presented a new version of the heroine that was even more strong-willed, a fearless warrior who used her physical strength and power to quell the chaos. Even with all the hate and violence in the world, Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot) puts on her tiara, bracelets of submission, and lasso of truth to save mankind. It’s the kind of story we’re only used to watching on screens. But when a global pandemic hit the world IRL, we quickly realized that we didn’t need to travel to our local theater to cheer on another superhero, the year’s biggest superheroes could be found on the COVID-19 frontlines fighting to protect people from the life-threatening virus. In honor of Reebok’s new Wonder Woman 84 collection in partnership with Warner Bros., the legacy brand recruited the real unsung heroes for the campaign: healthcare workers.

“You don’t realize how much people need each other until something like this happens,” Kathryn D’Innocenzo, an emergency room nurse, said in the collection’s accompanying mini-documentary. D’lnnocenzo, along with Taylor Meyer (nurse practitioner), Vilma Pacheco (nurse practitioner), Suki Stiles (registered nurse), Cassie Moy (registered nurse), and Solange Rosa (emergency room nurse) are the six healthcare workers Reebok honored for its Wonder Woman campaign. With the Reebok headquarters resting in Boston, the brand traveled to the city’s major hospitals to speak to the women about their heroism.

reebok wonder woman

Cassie Moy


reebok wonder woman

Solange Rosa


The collection, inspired by the vibrant glow of the upcoming film Wonder Woman 1984, features subtle (and not-so-subtle) details that nod to the most memorable elements of the decade, from blinding iridescent coatings, animal print, and neon hues. Featured in the lineup are Reebok’s iconic Freestyle Hi, now in a holographic gold colorway reminiscent of the Wonder Woman logo with gold wings and another outfitted in cheetah spots; the Classic Leather silhouette in cheetah print and in gold; the Club C85 in a bright blue shade, as apparel representative of the 80s, including leggings and track jackets.

“Hero means that you sacrifice something for the greater good,” Pacheco said at the end of the documentary. In unison, all the women repeated: “I will fight for those who can not fight for themselves.”

Available in unisex, women’s and kids sizing, The Reebok x WONDER WOMAN™ 1984 launches on September 17 on and

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