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This 4-Week Plan Is Designed to Help You Shed Pounds Simply by Walking and Lifting Weights

Walking can help you lose weight, but if you want results, it’s important that you pair it with strength training. Enter this walking and weightlifting plan from Bonnie Micheli, an ACE-certified personal trainer and cofounder of Shred415 — it’s designed to help you build lean muscle and burn more calories, the recipe for weight-loss success. To achieve that, you’ll focus on getting more steps in six days a week, and add strength training on four of those days.

If you’re already concerned about squeezing it all in, don’t stress. “You don’t need to complete all of your steps at one time,” Bonnie told POPSUGAR. “Every step counts. Even if you only have 10 or 20 minutes at a time to walk, it counts!” Plus, the strength-training sessions are only 10 minutes long. As you start to build more muscle — during the four-week plan or after — you can try repeating each set two to three times for an added burn, but by that point, you’ll feel more settled in a routine.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started: a fitness tracker, an ankle resistance band, a kettlebell, and a set of dumbbells. “If you’re just starting out, try five- to seven-pound weights,” Bonnie said. “If you’re looking for a challenge, grab 10 to 15 pounds.” Keep reading for the full plan!

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