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3 Compound Leg Exercises You Can Do Right Now — Yes, Right Now! — to Get Stronger

Compound exercises aren’t just great for saving time during your workouts. In addition to utilizing multijoint movements that work groups of large muscles, they can be done with minimal equipment, unlike many isolation exercises that only work one muscle at a time. And while you may think your legs get plenty of exercise already from running, walking, or other cardio it’s important to take the time to focus on strengthening your legs, so that you can prevent injury and increase flexibility.

“Working two muscle groups at once is essential to improving total body coordination,” Ellen Piccolotti, NASM-certified personal trainer and fitness instructor and CEO of X2o Studio in Los Gatos, CA, told POPSUGAR. “Your body has to work harder to balance, and it takes extra focus to make different muscle groups work together.” Try these three moves from Ellen to get stronger legs stat, helping you add more power to all your future workouts.

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