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I Haven’t Eaten Sugar For 1 Month, and This Dark-Chocolate Tea Has Saved Me

I know what you’re thinking: a chocolate tea can’t replace a chocolate brownie, but hear me out. I’ve been trying out a nutritarian lifestyle for the past month, which means cutting out sugar, and I feel a thousand times better. Sugar makes me super bloated and disrupts my sleep, so even though I may crave something sweet like a brownie, I know I won’t feel great if I eat it. But I still have sugar cravings, and this Teeccino Dark Chocolate Herbal Tea ($8) tastes truly amazing!

It has been the perfect treat to satisfy my chocolate cravings, especially when my family is enjoying an after-dinner dessert like chocolate chip cookies or a chocolate peanut butter cup. If you’re typically not an herbal tea person, this will change your mind; it’s unlike any tea I’ve ever had! Keep reading to find out how it tastes, the ingredients, and the nutritional information.

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