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10 Dumbbell Leg Workouts on YouTube That Prove You Don’t Have to Lift Big For Big Results

It’s a total myth that the only way to build strong, toned legs is by using heavy weights — a simple pair of dumbbells can really get the job done. While there’s no denying that lifting big builds muscle, getting an effective quad and hamstring workout doesn’t mean you’ll have to hit the squat rack or pick up a barbell. In fact, utilizing dumbbells is one of the best ways to ensure a versatile workout that irons out any muscle imbalances, targeting certain muscle groups within your legs that heavy lifting won’t always pinpoint. To optimize your results when using dumbbells, it’s important that your workout includes all of the major movement patterns (rather than simply up and down). Fortunately, these 11 dumbbell workouts on YouTube have you covered!

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