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She’s a Professional Ultrarunner and Journalist, and This Is Her Workout Routine

This is Meet My Workout Routine, where we profile weekly workout routines — unvarnished and imperfect — from women across all walks of life. Check out our past profiles here.

Who: Latoya Shauntay Snell, a professional ultrarunner, journalist, and food and fitness blogger at Running Fat Chef

What: Her workout routine over one week in July 2020

The details: As a sponsored ultrarunner, Snell trains hard and has big goals. Before the pandemic, she’d set her sights on doing a half-Ironman by the end of this year or the beginning of 2021, a plan that had to be scrapped. “Instead of viewing it as a total loss, I asked myself what can I do in its place to maintain my fitness and happy place,” she told POPSUGAR. Snell has been relying on a variety of different workouts to keep up her fitness, and for this week, that meant runs and cycling around New York City, bodyweight workouts, yoga, and rest days.

“As an unconventional sponsored athlete, I love being able to show people that you can move and honor the body that you’re in and not fulfill the stereotypes that sometimes dictate how we move,” Snell said. “My career in the fitness and wellness space presents opportunities for me to change the narrative with future generations on how they look at body image, conversations about a woman’s place in this world, and how we can love our bodies at every stage and age.”

Keep reading for an up-close-and-personal look at a week of Snell’s workouts.

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