OUAI x Byredo Opens the Pandora’s Box of Beauty Collaborations

Beauty hypebeasts rejoice: The OUAI and Byredo collab is finally here! For a limited time only, the haircare brand is offering the coolest, most flex-worthy dry shampoo, using OUAI’s Super Dry formula and Byredo’s cult-favorite Mojave Ghost scent.

The launch is the first joint venture between OUAI and the Swedish fragrance house. As collaborations pop up left and right in the fashion world, the beauty industry seems to be next. got our hands on the dream collab and put it to the test.


Limited Edition: Super Dry Shampoo X Byredo


After going a few days without washing my hair (quarantine, am I right???), I gave the Holy Grail of dry shampoos a try. Picking up the lightweight can, I sprayed product onto the most oily parts of my head—the scalp, roots, and hairline—at a can’s length away.

The first thing I noticed was the scent. Byredo’s famous Mojave Ghost features notes like ambrette, magnolia, sandalwood, and chantilly musk. To put it simply: I smell rich. I smell like I just went to Amangiri for the weekend. I smell like I just went to Nobu for lunch. I am now a rich person and no, I will not be taking questions at this time.

Once evenly distributed, I rubbed in the product. Immediately, my limp roots boosted in volume and any oils were quickly absorbed, thanks to key ingredients like volcanic mineral and rice starch. After more rubbing, the initial strong fragrance toned down to a lovely, lingering Mojave Ghost.

This collaboration is powerful indeed, and power incites challenge! Thus, I have created a list of beauty collaborations that I need to see next.

Jo Malone and Oribe

These powerhouse beauty brands could take a page out of OUAI and Byredo’s book and create a dry shampoo, but I’m much more interested in seeing an Oribe-scented candle. Or better yet, a Jo Malone candle that also works as a dry shampoo. This cross-over is more ambitious than The Avengers movies.

Shu Uemura and Dyson

I need a Shu Uemura x Dyson heated eyelash curler stat!

Tocca and Tatcha

Mostly pairing these brands because their names sound so good together, however, I wouldn’t say no to a Tocca-scented Rice Wash.

Beauty Blender and Dawn Dish Soap

During those once-in-a-blue-moon moments where I clean my Beauty Blenders (I’m disgusting, I know), Dawn dish soap always does the trick. Waiting for these brands to drop a cleaning solution!

Diptyque and Febreze

I need this #rich-smelling fragrance house to help my not-so-#rich smelling house.

While I continue to daydream about possible collaborations, I will continue to enjoy what I have: An amazing dry shampoo that works just as great as it smells.

OUAI x Byredo is available now on and

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